Why….a Toastmaster!

How best to run your special event

If you have ever attended a large wedding reception, a charity event, business dinner, private party or Masonic Ladies’ Night you will surely have seen a Toastmaster on duty, helping to organise the occasion and ensuring that it runs smoothly, and to time. He will probably have made several announcements, introduced guest speakers and called for silence before Grace or the Loyal Toast. These are just some of the roles he plays when officiating at a large gathering, taking the pressure off the event’s hosts.

As either host or guest, you will want to enjoy your special occasion, knowing that its every aspect will be the responsibility of the Toastmaster on duty. He will liaise with the banqueting staff, to ensure that the meal is served on time; he will make certain that the musicians or DJ are prepared and ready to play at the right moment; he will assist the photographer, check that the microphone and amplification are working; he will be the necessary link-man between the host and the speakers and gently inform them of the speaking schedule; he will announce the bridegroom, or the Managing Director, or the famous television presenter who has come to support the event and, if you plan a charity auction, he will assist the auctioneer. He may even be able to fix that awkward bow tie and advise the bridegroom about his speech! In short, the co-ordination of the event is in his care, running it in the way that you have arranged.

Your Toastmaster will welcome the opportunity to discuss in advance how you would like your special day to go. Will you receive your guests formally in a receiving line? Will you wish Grace to be said or the Loyal Toast proposed? (The Toastmaster is always prepared to do so, if needed). Who will help with the raffle and present flowers to the wife of the principal guest and ensure that they’re where they should be? It’s the Toastmaster.

Confide in your Toastmaster, listen to any helpful suggestions he may have, and then decide how you want him to run things. He is there to assist you, support you and make certain that you and your guests to have a happy and successful day.

That’s why a Toastmaster!